Saturday, 7 March 2009

still trembling at the knees

After our 5 seconds (if that!) of excitement last night..... life gets back to normal.
Today is all about KNITS.

The new batch of gloves is ready to go into store today. Three lengths and lots of colours (but no black quite yet, still waiting for the mailman to bring the parcels from interstate) including 'danger', 'rhubarb', 'smoke' (that's a dark grey for those needing monochromatics), 'primula' and a host of others. No photo yet and anyway photos never do justice to these fluffy lil paw warmers. This year's batch is especially nice, the yarn spinners did a really nice job and the knitting is most fine.

The chilly weather of the last week- oh how wonderful it has been- has put me in a panic about autumn and winter stock for the shop. There is going to be a bit of a wait on some stock (as usual) but I have managed to get these  boiled wool cardi-jackets ready. The fabric for these has been knitted in the studio and then felted down. The jackets have raw edges and seams and fabric covered press studs. Each one is different depending on the variegations in the yarn.

The first skein of handspun is coming off the knitting needles. Made from silk and wool this is a medium weight scarf, really soft and drapey. I think it wants to have a fringe. Funny how some pieces dictate the way they should be made. It is an interesting thing about making handmade, whilst you guide the creation of a piece you also have to 'listen' to what it wants to become. Sometimes work needs to be tamed and other times if you fight it you end up throwing it across the room in frustration.


  1. Hold on tight, Pen! PS: those gloves sound fabulous. Mine had to make another outing today. Not quite spring.


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