Tuesday, 10 March 2009

36 hours in a day

I haven't managed to get into the studio since Friday. Sometimes all the other things one needs to do just get in the way. Normally I like to spend holiday days in the studio, its quiet and peaceful and I tend to get lots of work done. Yesterday though, I stayed home to try to get a few things sorted. The tides of crap keep lapping across the floor and over all the horizontal surfaces. I've been here a year and finally yesterday I got around to hanging some pictures. I think having spent so long painting the walls here I couldn't bring myself to actually banging a nail in! Of course I ran out of hooks half way through but at least some of the pic are up instead of leaning against the wall!

I can't believe how quickly the light has changed and even if we do get more warm weather it is definitely autumn here in Melbourne Town. I love this time of the year but it also makes me melancholy. It's all tied up with accidents and broken bones and long hospital stays and years of recovery. Just to remind me, my body has gone haywire over the last week, with spasming and pain........ hmmmm......... anniversary-shmanniversary.

But now one anniversary is overlaid with another..........stay tuned!

Exciting to see our Divine Miss Bianca, Supreme Leader of The Toy Society in today's Age newspaper! Excellent! All she needs now for world domination is a cool leather swivel chair and a fluffy white cat (toy version of course).

Today's busy-ness was filled with emails and phone calls and packages and running around.
And I still need to prep for tomorrow's classes.
Indeed 36 hours in a day.


  1. not 'awww shucks'!
    more 'mwhahahahahahhahahaha!!"

  2. Ms dunstan, your undercover name is not so undercover anymore...


    good work ladies!

  3. Keep your hot water bottle on hold, they are brilliant for achy joints. You're a genius... suckling pig chips... maybe a hint of apple sauce and sage...

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