Tuesday, 31 March 2009

one pane short of a window

......or in this case kicked in at 2.48am.
Not a nice way to wake up. Calling the police and putting in a report, cleaning up and digging out cardboard boxes and trying to find where you left the packing tape last, fighting off a kitten who is desperate to have a look (that old curiousity/cat equation) and is a little scared and wants to be with it's human.
I had great and glorious plans for this Tuesday. I'd done a whole pile of prep and envisaged a long day of solid work. But now I'm sitting here waiting for a call from the glazier. I didn't get back to sleep until just before 6 and then had freaky dreams. Bugger, bugger, bugger.
The upside of feeling like a geek when the police arrived was that they stumbled on a burglary just up the road......... Neighbourhood Watch huh!

The window is on top of someone ripping out a whole section of  the doily tree on Saturday night. Luckily that was a simple repair and I had a big doily that stretched into the spot perfectly. That made me realise how low on doilies I am. I think some doily harvesting is in order.


  1. oh bugger indeed
    living above a shop does have it's problems, not the least of which is the smashing of windows downstairs and the god-awful fright it gives you, NOT a nice way to wake up.
    If it's any consolation this happens to us disturbingly regularly, although ours are usually drunk guys either having a barney or skylarking after a big night at the NSC.
    excellent work on the neighborhood watching by the way and here's hoping the glazier get's there soon and you can get back to business.
    by the way
    Nice box.
    and weirdly enough the word verification today as "boxisesv", which of course is Danish for "shall I use a cardboard box as a pane of glass?"

  2. They did WHAT?!

    May they burn in Hell...

    WV = stabl. A Good Omen.


  3. Oh, bugger. I worry about this breaking glass.

    Funny Adam woke at 2am to a thumping noise, which turned out to be our neighbour cleaning our window with a huge squeegee. Weird.

    I managed to sleep through it all, which means I have come a long way towards sleeping through absolutely anything. which is also slightly worrying. Hope they fix it quick.



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