Thursday, 5 March 2009

of puddles and ugg boots

I couldn't believe it when I ran into a friend this morning and she said in a grizzling voice 'can you believe this weather?' and started to complain about the rain. I said, in shock, that she better not say another word, she stopped and back-tracked saying that she just wished it was a little bit more humid. (This is a person whose mother has been evacuated from Warburton 4 times in the last few weeks . Go figure!)

I love the rain and I love that it has been cool and not humid and hope this continues. 
A good drenching is food for the soul.
I walked through the rain to school today. 
It was so drippy and dreamy I walked down the wrong road.
I got my ugg boots out last night. 
I have potatoes, pumpkin and haloumi roasting in the oven.
Joy, oh joy, it is autumn.


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