Tuesday, 3 March 2009

raincoats and wishes

Quite apart from the dire message that went out to all or mobile phones yesterday, I'm loving lying in bed and hearing the rain tick down the gutters.

I'm in the throws of sampling a raincoat for winter. I'm viewing it as a plea for a winter of gentle, constant, soaking rain (no 'all of a months rain in 24 hours' sort of downpours please- and we must specify this when we wish because you know Fate will play that game with us and send floods just to f*ck us over).


  1. Right now,

    I'll take it as it comes.

    Just as long as it keeps coming...

  2. Couldn't agree more... even if it keeps me, muji and the monkey trapped inside for days we can't get enough of it.
    and I look forward to the eventuation of a raincoat I can actually wear!!


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