Sunday, 29 March 2009

another sunday

Well it's been a peaceful- if somewhat long- Sunday.
I went to Camberwell Market to see the Paper Man. He has the best paper blocks for drawing designs on. And cheap. And he's been there forever.
Back home just after 8 with Babka danish and hot cross bunnies and the newspaper. I took to my bed with tea and papers- perfect. Sadly I don't remember anything I read. Jethro spent hours sitting in the sun in the window watching the birds on the roof over the way and making little squeaking noises when he spied a particularly good one. I think deep down his goal in life is to one day catch a real-life-soon-to-be-dead bird. Top target would be a duck, that would include his two favourite passions, birds and water. I have never met a cat who simply loves sitting under a running tap or playing paw deep in a basin of water for hours. There is a constant trail of wet pawprints through this house.
I've managed to get 6 dyepots on and we now have new new glove colours- I think we are up to 22 at the moment (one pot was a repeat dye). Today's main job though was to get the design ready for the Special Project. I've started actually making it so that is a good thing. Stay tuned. It got too dark for me to photograph anything.

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  1. I love the writing of this post - what a lovely Sunday it seems you and Jethro had. (my husband used to have two cats who would get in the shower with him; cats and water hey!).
    Also, I am very intrigued by your special project. The startings are so beautiful looking (memories of my mum's work, and pieces I used to do... thank you for sparking those memories).

    I hope you find a good balance of spending money and making, and sorting things out. (if you do, please let me know - always looking for that balance....).


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