Sunday, 22 March 2009

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I had plans to have a nice new post up and ready for this morning but left the camera attached to the computer and had a flat battery. My battery was a bit flat too after a crazy day in the shop yesterday. 
So yes there is an article on Craft in today's Sunday Age and yes there is another exceedingly average shot of me. I'm toying with the idea of hiring a stand in for photos (although the one in the local rag last year was very nice... and the one dear Mel took that I use in the sidebar....), I've never been photogenic and in today's media age that is a hindrance! I suppose I either accept it or organise plastic surgery........ I think the stunt double might be cheaper and far less painful!
I also don't know how I feel about being called a 'craft traditionalist'. I use craft techniques that have been around forever but I hopeful put them to use in new design driven ways. Traditional crafts, yes, craft traditionalist, no. Oh, language, you are a fickle mistress!
So I've done my grizzling for a Sunday morning (view it kinda like Confession and needing to get it off one's chest!). 
If you are new to this blog and want to read my rantings about craft in this day and age then check out the cupcaking and copycat posts.
And most of all remember that everyone should be doing a bit of craft, everyday, for their mental health. We talk about eating the right food, drinking in moderation, excercising but craft is meditation and sensory delight, problem solving and the joy of creating all rolled into one. You don't need expensive branded equipment, coffee table books or need to join a group. A set of knitting needles from the op-shop, a ball of wool (here I will say do try to go for the natural fibres if you can they are so much nicer to handle and much more forgiving when they need to be re-wound) and a comfy couch. Craft is a journey that once started on is a lifetime's adventure. It never ends and will take you down many paths. (Hey I sound a bit new-agey there- my apologies!)

And I think most of all, when you are participating in a craft you are linking back to thousands of years of making, and really what could be more mind-blowing than that? You are a link in a very, very long chain.


  1. You new age hippie craft lady you.

  2. hear hear - i can feel myself becoming unhinged if i don't do something crafty every day.

    and i'm absolutley postive that it has stopped incipient depression in its tracks over the last few years

    thanks for another great post

  3. and i don't think you're unphotogenic at all :)

  4. I was so pleased to read your comments in the paper this morning. I lament the prevalence of crap craft in shops. Everyone having a bash - that's ace. Making something that's a bit shonky - that's fine. UNLESS. Unless you then try to sell it.

    There's so much poorly-made craft out there. Keep fighting the good fight!

  5. Nice suprice to see you in the paper....enjoy another 15 minutes!

  6. and i hope you don't mind but i nominated you for a sisterhood blog award on my blog. a bit naff but i sincere sign of appreciation :) feel free to play or not


    and my word verification is 'butfurna' - i think there is room for a collection of word verification words...

  7. Dear Pen, you speak for so many of us when you talk of the cupcaking of craft. Livebird's comment is right on the money. How many times have I seen crap hot glue-gunned to a brooch back called jewelry?
    Bring back artisanal skill but also let there be honour in making something jsut for the sake of making or giving - because the death of the hobbyist and home crafter is just as bad as the rise of the dodgy 'professional' maker.

  8. I just saw it online, congrats on the article.

  9. Ah Miss Pen, once again you have aced it, as have the other comments on this post. I have had it up to the eyeballs with dodgy handmade pieces on sale in my local shops, things so badly made i'd be embarrassed to foist them onto my nearest and dearest who are ever so much more forgiving than the general public. I am all for everyone having a crack at crafting but please people think long and hard about what you are doing when you decide to put your work out into the world - it only takes one bad experience with a badly made item for a punter to pull the pin on handmade goods for ever, and NONE OF US WANT THAT!!! There is a huge amount of enjoyment to be gained by just making for the sake of making, or crafting something for a friend...I love cooking for people but that doesnt mean I need to open a restaurant...
    And Pen you're dead on the money with the linking back to all of those who have gone before you, crafting away since the stone age -it really IS mind blowing, and we can all honour the skills and craft traditions, because we can do that without being 'traditional': let's face it not all of us want to make pretty or look good in a frilly apron. ;)

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