Wednesday, 18 March 2009

shake, rattle and doll

There I was in the middle of class, 10 floors up and the floor began to shake. We thought they we just doing something crazy downstairs. 
I'm feeling like Melbourne is a bit topsy at the moment (or should that be 'tipsy' right now?!).
Very strange.
There is a song on the new Neko Case album titled 'Never turn your back on Mother Earth'. Do you think she's giving us a bit of shake to wake us up?

One more class to teach this week and back into the studio on Friday. So far in the last two weeks I have been in there one day...... not greatly productive, very annoying, aggravating, arrrggghh and lots of other 'A' words. I have been doing double amounts of teaching but that ends this week, less money more time. When I went into the studio on Tuesday it felt like it was someone else's and I was trespassing. It was also very dusty. And messy.

I went to the Rosalie Gascoigne exhibition last Friday- wonderful! I 'saw' so much of it as superb textile pieces. The 'Earth' series was Amish quilts made from natural dyed fabrics, madder red and brown. I'm sure one work could have been pieced from flour bags. The enamel found object groups made my heart sing- oh how I love enamel ware- really inspirational.

And if you haven't been- you missed it, it closed on Sunday.


  1. Oh, wow. I love found object art - and quilts pieced from flour bags sound interesting, imagine the interesting images and text.

  2. I love Rosalie. My grandma was into Ikebana too.

    I wrote Adam an email after the earthquake, he asked what it was like, he missed it. I described it thus.
    It sounded weird, and it felt weird.

  3. By sound, I mean, our house made troubling new sounds.

  4. I'm so glad I made it to the Rosalie show, it was really interesting to see her early work, which is really overlooked and very contemporary. Her husband was so cute also, at the opening he said 'We moved from New Zealand (where there was no such thing as art)...' Kiwi jokes and he's a Kiwi, too, obv.


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