Saturday, 21 March 2009


I've been wondering for awhile how long it was until Jethro negotiated the fence into the nextdoor's backyard. I'd noticed long periods were I couldn't hear his bell or it took him ages to come when I called. 
So this morning he disappeared and I knew he was around. A little tink of his bell gave him away. He was sitting still as a statue on top of the fence looking at me. You could see that cat-look of 'damn' when I looked up at him.
The main problem with all this fence jumping is that is very hard for him to get back to this side. And there is the bit where he climbs up higher onto the lattice work and wanders along trying to workout how to get down into the Outside World. And there lies an even bigger problem...... there is No Way Back from that side. Sheer fences and no gaps to squeeze through.
Jethro is too 'growed-up' now. He wants to run and jump and chase birds. What is a protective mother to do?

By the way today is the last day of our First Birthday Sale so be quick if you want to pick something up- 11am 'til 6pm!


  1. Dear Penelope,
    Thanks for linking to my blog about living on a train. I've really enjoyed looking at yours, and reading about the antics of your cat.
    Will come back again soon,
    x Elspeth

  2. darn it Jethro, the inner city is no place for a kitten's teenage rampage!!


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