Monday, 15 December 2008

water pistol target practice

Typing has been a difficult occupation of late. Apparently Macs are designed to enable kittens to lie between the stand and the screen and to swipe the typist's fingers and hit the keys that make applications disappear, turn the sound up or down or just make life frustrating and difficult for said kitten's human.
Human has resorted to a small but effective water pistol. Guess what? It worked. When the little furry head appears over the top of the chair back- squirt! Kitten jumps, races around the room and finds something else to play with. Everyone is happy. Top result!

The somewhat intermittent posting is due to the long hours of work at the moment. There are long days in the studio and then home to do more work. Hours at the sewing machine have stuffed up my sciatic nerve again and I managed to pull a muscle getting out of the car tonight. On top of last week's black eye (dropped a sewing machine on my cheek- true!) and stitching the end of my finger on the sewing machine. I know all these silly little twinges are due to being overtired and overworked. I'll just muddle through.

Our gorgeous Dell got her gorgeous brooches on Michi Girl today! Go have a look.

Our favourite Punk Pensioner, Elsie, has been off travelling and has started posting photos of her favourite older street fashionistas.  I love the Japanese pink wearing ladies. I particularly love the visor/scarf hat thingies that I often see Japanese tourists wearing. Go have a look.

And dear Katherine Bowman has joined us in the blogverse. Go and have a look at her beautiful work and her photos from her recent travels.

I had lots of things to write about but I've gone and forgotten them all. Tomorrow.

(Jethro just attempted a computer invasion. Got him with the water pistol at close range. Rather sad, cowing, little kitten made me laugh and feel really bad at the same time. He's currently  hiding behind the fax machine, which he normally likes to walk all over, making the buttons beep.)


  1. a-ha! I didn't know about this, you keep me informed.

    thanks pen


  2. Lol! Jethro still is adorable though despite the shenanigans!


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