Saturday, 13 December 2008


I think in all the frantic pace of this week I forgot to mention that the little fellow has been named- Jethro (and not Deathrow, as some smart arses have 'misheard'- although if this morning's antics have anything to go by, this name may come into play occassionally!).
Jethro is so teeth-achingly cute I can't believe he hasn't appeared off the lid of a biscuit tin. Perhaps this could be a new Cottage Industry line- merchandise showcasing Jethro.
He did manage to totally upstage me on Monday in a shop photo shoot...............

We were lying in bed this morning listening to the rain. I had a deja vu moment and was thinking of snow and drives in the country. But no, it's the new Melbourne tropical rain. I'm hoping no one comes in today moaning about the rain, we need it people and it's nice, although I'm not looking forward to a bit of sunshine because then it really will be humid and sweaty.

It's been a busy week of long days in the studio and evenings working at home. I still have so much stock to finish and a short time in which to do it. I loathe doing production and try to cheer myself up by making piles of finished stock. Or by eating chocolate. Or both.


  1. Perfect name, Jethro! I think you lost all chances of being the star of the show when you kitted out your wee man with that dapper collar and bell Pen. Good luck with your stock and production - I really envy you the warm weather! It is sooo cold here, -4 degrees last couple of nights. Brrrr.

  2. Jethro - the coolest name for the coolest cat, utterly adorable.. love to you both from a very very cold and frosty place xx e


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