Monday, 29 December 2008

ikea bad, bunnings good

Apologies- there may possibly be a spate of cute kitten photos until I actually get a life happening again. I apologise whole heartedly. Just go with it.

Note to self- don't attempt Ikea any time between Xmas and the New Year. Especially at 1pm. The only upside of driving around and around the undercover carpark was actually seeing a plasticky 4wd lose its side panels to a row of metal posts. He must have been spitting chips! (That's an euphemism for being exceedingly annoyed.) 

Bunnings was however much more civilised. Easy parking and hardware- what more could a girl want? So I checked out a few bits and pieces for the home reno project- and bought a clothes line- joy oh joy! 
Then when I got home I noticed Laurie was out the back of his place, with tools, and after asking if he had an angle grinder (see yesterday's post), he popped down and in 2 seconds flat had sheared off the wonky dyna-bolts that were holding up the shonky gate and the Summer Project can begin! Of course this now means that I need to buy 
1. paint
2. wood
3. decking
4. other stuff
I swore after the Big Shop Reno that I would never pick up another paint brush............ but I suppose this is just the tail end of that big renovation, the stuff I ran out of energy and time to do. 
Of course being excluded from Ikea means that I can't get the bookcases I need so that I can clean up upstairs. That's the excuse I'm going with at this point. I suppose I could get out of bed and get down there before the doors open, park in the pick up zone and run in and grab what I need before the crazy Ikea shopping crowd have even made it through the lounge room display area.......... but that would mean I would need to set the alarm and that at the moment is just not in the holiday spirit at all.

PS Jethro has taken to sitting in the dryer, with or without fabric bits and if the door is closed he will paw at the porthole until it is opened so he can pop in and sit watching the world. NO I am NOT attempting to shrink him to keep him kitten sized.

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  1. Pen I highly recommend tackling Vic Gardens either before 10.30am or after about 3.30pm on weekends or during the crazy season. I haven't had the pleasure of observing plasticky 4WD's making friends with the metal poles (shame about that) but you will get to witness the hilarious mass carpark exit of people who arrived at IKEA at approx 1pm! Park on the roof too, it's pretty close to Little Sweden and u don't have to battle ppl who must only ever park under cover.


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