Monday, 1 December 2008

mainly monday

I can't believe how tired I have been today. It was a big day at the Melbourne Design Market yesterday. Early start and a blur of people. I was so tired last night I couldn't move off the couch to go to bed. 
Today was all about sorting deliveries to go out and another day not in the studio. Oh well I probably wouldn't have been very effective there anyway. Sometimes when I flog myself for not studio-ing I have to remind myself that there is other parts to running my business- like scooting down to Spotlight in South Melbourne..........

me: Hello, could you help me? I'm looking for a bottle of Fabric Stiffener.
saleswoman: What are you looking for?
me: A bottle of Fabric Stiffener.
saleswoman: What does it do?
me: Ummmmm......... it.......... ummm.........stiffens fabric............
salewoman: So you use it to stiffen fabric............ what is it called?

OK I might be the world's most impatient person (according to my mother) and I do not suffer fools well but really............... it's funny in hindsight but I was totally dumbfounded by the whole exchange.

Well it's the First of December today and mild vibrating panic is the order of the day. Check up in the corner for a daily Advent Calendar- what will it be chocolate or craft?


  1. I'm so tired I can't get off my chair to go take a bath and soak the paint off...

    If Kafka wrote a book about craft it would be set in spotlight.

  2. I'm hoping that the 'tireds' will end soon.
    I'm feeling so tired I feel sick.

    I like the Kafkaesque Spotlight idea.

  3. Ohmygawd i cant believe someone else has had the fabric stiffener conversation! I was starting to think that it was a figment of my imagination - that I had just dreamt of a magical product that I could mould fabric with - so many blnk spotlight stares when I asked for it. I did finally find a bottle in essendon - should have bought 4 of them. Sigh. I feel like (particularly in australia) most of my craft time is spent hunting down supplies (100% wool felt, floral wire, circle cutter, ultra fine glitter, mod podge - the list goes on and on)
    I'm so tired my eyeballs feel like they have a strange coating of sand all over them...

  4. The problem is I normally buy it all from the wholesalers where the only question is 'how much do you want?'.
    Now everything on your list above I know where to get.......... truly ruly! That's why complete strangers stop me in the street- I have a information kiosk 'I' on my forehead.

  5. I have had that conversation (and variations thereof) as well it makes me wonder what the selection criteria for Spotlight employees is, becasue it sure as hell aint product knowledge... by the way you really are the queen of craft, all of the above are also on my hitlist with the addition of bias binding aids... that's it Penelope it's time for a mind meld!


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