Sunday, 28 December 2008

bidulph the blue nosed reindeer

This is Rudolph's slightly younger brother. He's a bit of a cork-head. 

Well I do have to say it's been rather nice NOT DOING ANYTHING. I had a slightly pang of guilt about not opening the shop yesterday when I left the house for the sales and saw that Little Salon and Robio were open......... but then I thought 'bugger it' and went off to buy some new mugs (to replace the last one that Jethro knocked off the bedside table and broke) and a knife (to replace the good one I accidentally put in the oven and melted the handle of). I did get to bump into Max who had taken his parents shopping for saucepans and I attempted to wheel his perambulator down a flight of stairs to see how cross-country those new fangled 3 wheelers are (heehee). 
Apparently the Boxing Day Sales were complete mayhem and all the sales assistants were still  looking a bit frazzled the day after. Many years ago I got in the front of the crowd at a sale as the doors opened. I didn't plan to actually go in and buy anything, it was like an inner city version of the Pamplona Running of the Bulls. Once inside I turned around and walked out much to the amusement of the security staff. 
Every Xmas holidays I go to bed with a pile of books and basically only surface to venture out to buy more. When the TV was in the bedroom it was also supplemented with a pile of DVDs but now that's in the Big Room and it isn't so much fun. Also the lack of cleaning has made the Big Room the Big Mess. Jethro's new sport is running from one end to the other whipping up a flurry of paper in his wake. I can not tell you the amount of joy the little feller can get out of a brown paper bag from the Brunswick Street Bookstore. He is loving me being home and at leisure. If I'm typing on the computer he's curled up on a pile of papers on the desk snoozing. If I'm lolling around reading on the bed, he's curled up on the top of the Depression Era blouse drawers. He is also quite good at playing fetch.
I've managed to go for a few strolls, lug some rubbish out to the bins and get the washing on. Not bad really for some one who is DOING NOTHING and was feeling very tired and exhausted. The vacuum has made it to the top landing (not plugged in) so I feel that actual vacuuming may happen sometime in the near future........
I do need to venture out to Ikea soon, a real clean up and sort can't happen until I get some more bookcases. Tomorrow maybe. And Bunnings. Got to go to a hardware barn definitely. It wouldn't be a holiday break without a bit of a home reno project- more on that one later. 
Slight hiccup on that front which may only get under way with a bit of angle-grinding action...... bugger.


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