Sunday, 7 December 2008

sunday (media) sluttage

The old saying 'Never on a Sunday' certainly doesn't apply around here. We are quite happy to be a Media Slut any day of the week.
Today it's The Age M Mag Xmas edition, 'Wrap it up- Melbourne's best gift shops revealed'. Whoa-hoah! (Pump the air). Nice lil write up and we are all tucked up next to Third Draw Down. Perfect!

I was intending to get into the studio today but a quick inspection of the homefront made me realise that a bit of domestic order was in urgent need. Of course to create order you need to create even more disorder first. There is also a little someone who embodies the whole concept that there is an inverse ration between size and destruction. He-Who-Has-No-Name (still) has managed to demolish the display in the front window 3 times. Twice in the space of half an hour last night and this included dragging a 65cm square cushion out of the antique Turkish dough trough. I am considering installing a door between the shop and upstairs. Having the 'kitten sillies' he isn't very smart about open front doors, the battery is either ON or OFF (currently recharging on a pile of blankets on the floor in the bedroom). I knew I should have got that door at Steptoe's back when I was renovating- damn and double damn. Another job to sort.
I do have to say, that while the work load hasn't let up (and has in fact increased massively) and that I have a pile of appointments that will keep me away from the studio, having a smoochy little stress relieving fluff ball around is nice. It's made me think a lot about Spotty and how calm and self-contained she was.


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