Friday, 19 December 2008

fingers to the bone

There has been a lot of work to do around the Cottage. We have been very industrious. Jethro has been helping to finish purse orders for Claude the Bird in Malvern.

There's new cushions going into store on Saturday morning. There are some great Melbourne ones, other capital cities too and lots of vintage tea-towel florals and swans and patterns.
And best of all the CWA Cushion Collection (I've been pondering a collective noun for a pile of CWA cushions..... what do you think of a 'scone of cushions'?), there is a Victorian, a West Australian and a Queensland. Fabulous!

My hands look atrocious at the moment. Blistered, broken nails, peeling skin, cuts and scars. It's been a tough couple of weeks and I think by this time next week they will look like cramped talons. It's hard work on your hands all this crafty toil, but we are almost there. 
And there is other new stock in as well. Granny purses made from vintage obi fabric, vintage fabric zip purses and hairclips, and Madame du Barry will be dropping more Xmas gift tags in as well.
Time for bed- I have to be up early in the morning....... remember tomorrow is The Toy Society Xmas drop. Go to the blogsite for Bianca's treasure finders info.


  1. An afternoon tea of CWA Cushions?

    No wait, a Buffet of CWA Cushions.

  2. If you have lots of them, all lined up in a long, long row, would that be a country mile of CWA cushions?


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