Wednesday, 24 December 2008

always burn the last biscuits

For some reason I always manage to burn the last 1/2 tray of ginger hearts every Xmas. I think it's  a sacrifice to the cooking gods.
Our first Cottage Xmas is over. It was strange and sad not being at Brunswick Street, after 16 years, spending the lead up to Xmas with the girls of Ditto Day. New and exciting things are often tinged with a little sadness for what went before.

I'm taking a little break between Xmas and New Year- well earned I think!
I'd like to thank everyone who has supported this little endeavour over this huge year. All the lovely people both in the blogverse and the real-verse who have popped by for a chat. 
Thank you thank you thank you and see you in the New Year!

Lots of love
Pen and Jethro

ps you never know, we might blog occasionally over the holidays, as the mood takes us....... maybe photos......


  1. Pen,

    the pavs were in the oven for an HOUR before I realised it wasn't on.

    Very flat pavs, have I.

  2. Damn it I burnt my last batch of gingerbread men too. Blody baking curse of the second batch or some such thing.


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