Tuesday, 23 December 2008

thank god it's almost over for another year

I think exhaustion has set in. Still bits and pieces to do but it's been quite peaceful in the shop- in other words......... slow. Maybe everyone has finished their shopping. Or the over 30ยบ days have sapped everyone's energy levels. Or the GFC has hit. Or everyone is spending their Rudd Bonus on plasma screens and beer. 

Jethro, as you can see, has about doubled in size in the last two and a half weeks. All legs and tail and teeth. He likes taking showers, sitting in the refrigerator, attempting to get out the shop door and stealing angora glove off-cuts. 
The house is a complete mess from the frantic making and then physically collapsing from sheer tiredness. Upstairs is also coated in a fine layer of silver glitter from someone's discovery that the glitter container makes a great toy when knocked off the table. As young Imogen has termed it- 'disco pigsty'.

I had that minute last night, standing in Leo's Supermarket, of feeling like I wanted a good cry. Normally it hits about Xmas or Boxing Day but it's been such a big year that it's come on a bit early. I haven't had the opportunity to stockpile mountains of homemade jams and ginger heart biscuits so I feel all out of whack- I'm still not at one with the new kitchen and stove which makes it all very  much more draining to whip some treats up like I would normally do. And it really doesn't feel right not have all that sugary goodness to give away. I have even been told by a few people that they were wondering whether preserved goodness would be happening this year. I'm thinking I'll just have to IOU everyone. It's coming just not before Xmas.......

Well I need to go find a few presents. Unlike everyone else I haven't had a chance to do any shopping (or making) of my own.


  1. Oh Miss Pen, have that cry, you will feel better and then the cloud will have passed. I have been meaning to come in and say hi, but I never want just any old shopgirl, it's only you I want to see! But I can't bear the Xmas traffic etc, so the visit might have to wait. Enjoy your break, hope that kitten is making you smile, I can't wait to meet him xxx

  2. Just wait till my fig tree ripens, and then we can have a great big jam-off here. I'm going to need all the help I can get, and I'm feeling a little weird myself, not making Xmas preserves. Like I've cheated on an exam, or something.


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