Saturday, 6 December 2014

i forgot to tell you..... BIG DESIGN MARKET!

Sorry for the very late notice on this one, I had had plans to send out an email and shout it from the rooftops but... well that just didn't happen. Putting in 17-18 hour days making and running about like a loon and the promo side has fallen in a heap. We were at Big Design Market yesterday and will be again today and tomorrow. We've launched a whole new run of our pennant designs and our harvest smocks and quilted jackets have been flying out the door (should have made some more I think... ooops!). We haven't taken the whole shop, just special stuff like our new batch of vintage canvas and leather bags, how I wish I had had the energy and time to get so many other things finished! Lordy this post sounds so whiny, blame the lack of sleep pure and simple.
So 10am until 7pm today and 10am until 5pm tomorrow, 220 stalls, All Day Donuts and coffee and booze available, come and visit!

And before I forget, the shop is open 7 days a week right up until Xmas. Jethro hates December, it curbs his window worshipping timetable.... not for worshipping windows but for being worshipped in the window of the shop by his adoring public.

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