Saturday, 18 October 2014

helmet head

I don't want to have another week like this one has been again.
Just too flat and boring and sad, full of ennui and angst.
And now the first migration of Xmas birds has arrived to warn me that I am running out of time to get my shit together for Big Design Market and the festive season. Mind you I had to smile when I pulled this bird out of the box, he's got his own 'do helmet!
There has been other stock arrive as well, little glass and zinc hanging frames, lovely glass display boxes and peg chains that would be perfect to hang cards from or a row of lovely glass baubles. I have to order more of the beautiful Ghanian recycled baskets and Lisa B socks but I have been avoiding the computer this week.... if you have emailed I will get back to you this weekend!! Promise!
OK, better go hunt Jethro down. He's got his mischievous pants on today because Orlando from Scout House wook his photo in the window this morning and posted it on Instagram. Brat.
I'm in the shop if you are looking for me.

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