Saturday, 11 October 2014

well hello there...

So there I was thinking that it was only a few weeks since I last wrote a post a post on this poor little blog... how wrong I was! Almost two months!
Well hello little blog!
And sorry this is going to be short.
Things have happened (a holiday, more surgery to the bung wrist, time in the studio, time in the shop) and now there is the sudden realisation that Xmas and the end of the year is about to come crashing in. I'll make no promises that I will be regular again here, try checking @cottageindustrystore out over on instagram if you need a daily fix of stuff (and Jethro).

I've been sewing Harvest Smocks and have just started a whole new run of wax print chemises. I have so much work to do over the next few weeks that I think my head might explode. Big Design Market is coming up on top of everything else.....
OK, time to pop the kettle on for another bucket of tea and insert my brain into my skull for another day in the shop. Four this week. Oh I am looking forward to a 'day off' tomorrow.

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