Wednesday, 24 December 2014

and so 'tis the eve....

And so we come to the last shop day of the year.
Let's be honest, what a bugger of a year it has been. It has slammed so many people I know hard, like really hard and between another broken wrist, two lots of surgery and the general malaise this sort of thing brings on, I have not had the greatest of times. The last three months has gone in a blur of making and trying to play catch-up and I am looking forward to closing the door to the shop at 5-ish this afternoon and having a well deserved break. Nothing special, just a lot of snoozing and reading and drinking of tea, of windows thrown open and perhaps a bit of a house clean and sort if I can in anyway be arsed (it's a bit of a shambles around here at the moment).
So we will be open today from about 10am until around 5pm, of course if the street empties as it often does, then we might shut a tad earlier. You will then have to wait until the 5th of January for the shop to re-open but remember if you are in town and would like to make an appointment then leave a message on the phone (03 9419 2430) or drop me an email ( to arrange a time. Just don't expect the shop to be vacuumed or dusted.
I hope you all have a lovely Xmas and New Year and thank you for all your kind words, encouragement and purchasing throughout this shit of a year. Here's hoping 2015 will be a right glorious one!
Take care and love to you all

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