Saturday, 13 December 2014

well hello stranger....

Well I (barely) survived the Big Design Market last weekend and this week has been picking up the pieces and trying to get more work done. Exhausting. So I managed a few more smocks and we have now got 4 1/2 oz denim in regular and long, black linen in regular and long and one one beautiful patched raw linen one. I have to admit there is only a few in the denim and the linen at this stage but at least we have stock in the shop. There are also 3 quilted jackets left if you had wanted to get to the market and didn't make it, and I have to find somewhere to display the canvas and leather bags....

And this week we had our biggest shipment of handwoven Turkish towels and they are stunning! 

We are desperately waiting for new stock of tin plates (we still have loads of designs in the shop but are restocking on sold out ones and new designs), Stanley vacuum flasks and the beautiful Ghanian handwoven recycled plastic baskets have left Africa and hopefully will arrive here in time.... and of course I'll be back in the studio making again next week.
Don't forget I am shopgirl today and yes we are open on Sundays right up until Xmas!

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