Friday, 26 June 2009


It's been a long and strange week. 
I seem to have spent far too much time in the car and far too little in the studio. Lots of running around, organising things, picking things up, sitting in the car in the Essendon Spotlight carpark to listen to Pip and our Ramona on the radio (can't tell you how little I think of Richard Stubbs and Beck's 'tool of the day' quip had me in fits!) and just general tooing-and-froing.

And this week was Elise's last in the shop. 
She has been an absolute gem and if you have ventured into the shop during the week then you have quite likely been served by this smiling and always helpful best-est shopgirl ever. I'm (selfishly) sorry she's heading overseas. These young things off on their big trips! Damn!
Have a wonderful time Elise!! (Jethro will miss running out of the shop just to scare her.)
Sadly right at the end of the day Elise and I were harassed by a not so nice young man in the shop. Strange even before he spoke or did anything we were both on alert, when I asked him to leave he threatened to rob us and I had to call 000, he left but really not a good way to finish the day. Quite incredibly yucky in fact.

I couldn't resist posting this tea-towel detail. A koala with an ear trumpet......... The tea-towel is from Quota a charity that provides aids to the hearing and speech impaired. Tea-towel designs just constantly astound me.

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  1. Nice tea towel. Shame about the weirdo dropping by.


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