Friday, 12 June 2009


I have to admit I've been ridiculously busy over the last month. I don't know why exactly, it's not like I've got anything amazing to show you  (like I built a crocheted car in the backyard or anything) but I just feel like I've been rushing from one thing to another but never getting a huge amount of anything done. I also feel like I've been letting emails and blog reading/writing slip- but that probably has to do with having more INTERNOT than internet. That problem has been almost fixed. 
So a big shout out to Elvis and Char and Elsie (if she's out there still) and the girls at Prick Your Finger (if you haven't dropped in to the best little haberdashery store in the whole world then you better! Check out the UFO project and their short wearing handy-man and do a search for their completely knitted and crocheted wedding........ brilliant!).
Closer to home, my favourite girls at HML, Dell, Shules, Emma (who's probably wondering why I haven't left a comment!)..... hell, just check the (un-updated) bloglist in the sidebar.......... and especially Lil............ I really haven't had much chance to skip through blogland lately, although I do have to say that I don't ever spend hours trawling the internet, there are too many other things in real-life to do, but I do love visiting my special favourites.
The things that have been happening lately include Jethro turning 8 months old and continuing to grow....... he's huge and fluffy and really sweet and silly. The photo is from this morning as I left to run errands. He was in the bedroom window silently meowing at me. He loves sitting on the top of the lower sash window, he leans against the security bars in a kinda of lazy teenage boy way. He's a twit. His latest trick is to climb the cedar doors in the back of the shop. Ridiculous. What's he going to do when he gets to the top of them? I think he just likes to show-off.
Like I said- typical teenage boy.


  1. Welcome back Pen! Thanks for the cool pic of Jethro, he's a big boy now. What a cutie.

  2. Well yes, I did notice that you weren't about in virtual land.
    I second the experience of gloves and parkas in the studio, it's mind over matter in ignoring the cold, just wish that the fingers worked a bit better.
    Legwarmers are on, we're off for brekkie at Ray in Bruns, I soooo deserve that Arabian muesli with cream!


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