Saturday, 20 June 2009

saturday chores

I always seem to get more little chores done on a Saturday morning than any other day of the week. I get to get up a little later and it seems a little slower and easier than during the week. I think it is all an illusion but somehow satisfying.

Of course 5 minutes before I open the shop for the day it all turns to panic. 
I haven't updated anything about stock on the blog for what seems an age. So let me tell you that we have the Doreen wool jackets in in cranberry red, more sizes in the Agatha flannelette shirts, there are over 20 colours to choose from in our l-ov-er-ly angora gloves, a pile of berets including the super snuggly possum/lambswool ones, wheat 'hottie' bags to keep you warm and toasty and the very luxe vintage wool/velvet/scarf quilts. If you are strolling down Flinders Lane you might see one in the window at Craft Vic. Almost makes you feel like curling up in the window!
It was sunny when I first set out this morning but it looks grey and dull out there now. If you are out and about today and come down Gertrude Street I'll be the one sitting in Cottage Industry sewing doilies on tree trunks (and maybe reading the paper).

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