Friday, 12 June 2009


This week has been full of stops and starts. 
The studio was so cold today that I didn't take ol' brown parka off and had to wear my gloves whilst I worked. The 15ft warehouse ceilings in the studio make heating near impossible. I may have to resort to wearing thermals under my jeans. And I must get new leather boots, they really are the only way to warm footsies (along with possum wool socks- toasty!).
So to honour the snow we've been having up in the hills and the icy days down here in town I am proud to introduce Snowball the Beanie. Hand spun Finn wool and cashmere plied with hand-dyed and spun silk. It has a huge pompom on the top. It's a bit of fun..... and kinda luxe at the same time.

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