Monday, 15 June 2009

jethro's ladder

As I reported the J-boy has been scaling the cedar doors in the shop and he loves shooting up the security grilles over the windows.
It hadn't registered that he was just in training for the Great Climb of 2009. 
Yesterday he managed to scale the back fence, scramble over the inward leaning trellis (positioned to stop him from going over the fence) and climb the builder's scaffolding next door. He then spent an hour running around the upstairs of the building until....... he realised he couldn't actually get back down. There is that meow tone that just lets you know a kitten (even an 8 month old very large kitten) is stumped. The one that lets a human know she has to swallow her balance issues and  climb a 20ft ladder. Jethro waited patiently at the top, chatting about his adventure, let himself be carried back down the ladder in one hand, meowing the whole time. Once back home he didn't know whether to complain his adventure had ended or spend the next hour being a purring bundle of cuddles. Typical teenage boy. 


  1. Dear Jethro, at 8 months old you should know better than to not plan an escape route when going on such adventures. Mind you we do all love hearing about your escapades. What a wiley young fella you are

  2. What a rascal! But I think you had to forgive him. (:


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