Saturday, 6 June 2009

i am the beast master

I realised on Thursday that the studio has become a chore lately. All the same long boring production jobs to do. I needed to have a bit more creative time. Which is where the Beast comes in.
He's my walking foot sewing machine. You need to feel strong when using him, as with any wild animal you have to have your wits about you, he can turn at any moment. The poor thing has been barely used in the last year and he regularly has to be scraped clean of all the dust that settles on him. 
I gave him a half-arsed wipe over, squirted some oil in his holes, changed the needle and off we went. 
He only caught my finger in the belt twice and I managed to stay clear of the walking-foot-feed-dog nips. 
I can't show you the new project yet, I have the 'home' part of the work to finish on it. Maybe tomorrow......

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