Monday, 15 June 2009


I had to laugh last night when I noticed a link in my stat counter to the NSW Knitters Guild. They had this lil ol' blog listed and the caption after the address was 'general craft from a feisty woman'!
I take that as a compliment!
I rather like being labelled a 'feisty woman'.

To me feisty women drive ambulances in times of war. 
They drink whiskey straight.
They fall in love with inappropriate men, who break their hearts but never break their spirits.
They are opinionated and sometimes say what they think unedited, but only because they care deeply and wholeheartedly.
Feisty women see the dark side, taste the bitter, revel in the rain clouds because that is the only way to see the light, taste the sweet and watch the grass grow green.

I think all my friends are feisty women too. 
This is the one club I would be happy to belong to.


  1. The Feisty Club.

    Has a nice ring to it.

  2. I love the word feisty. Definitely a compliment. Feisty women who can hold their own.

  3. I am often called this too. Start a club time!


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