Sunday, 14 June 2009

vera and strider

Sometimes real life is just too perfect.
Yesterday whilst two women were in the shop browsing, a couple walked in. She was dressed in a lovely vintage dress, all rosey pinks and cream, with a camel coat, chestnut wedge shoes and a lovely petit point handbag and a cream floppy beret. He was in a bone jacket, white shirt, faun pants and a green tie. They looked so cute I said 'you look like you've come from a wedding!'. They giggled and smiled and said 'yes- we just got married'. There was gasps from the shoppers, congratulations and smiles. They had 'eloped' (as much as you can when it takes 4 weeks for a license- where's Gretna Green when you need it?) from Coffs Harbour for a winter Melbourne wedding. 
Really it couldn't have made the day more lovely.

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