Sunday, 4 January 2009

you know it's the holidays when.....

......... you fall asleep in a bucket...... sorry that wasn't what I was going to write! 

You know it's the holidays when you forget to pay that outstanding $8.00 on the phone bill and they shut your outgoing calls and texts down on your mobile. Bugger. 
Wondered why I couldn't text Ant a Bon Voyage message yesterday..... my fault not her's. Double bugger.

I finally got the clothes up this afternoon- yay for me, even though I managed to step on the kitten half way through the installation, he was trying to help. Now there is a batch of washing drying in the lovely Fitzroy air. Tim's taken away all the metal frames and the park bench that were in the 'backyard' and I'm perusing timberyard websites pricing decking............. Even though I managed to spend the reno money on shoes I think if I am careful I might be able to put the plan into action. It's all looking much easier now. The painting bit is probably going to be the most annoying. Perhaps I should explain that the 'backyard' here is just under a metre wide and about 5 metres long. It is concrete but it spoons up at the edges where it meets the brick walls and drops down in a slope to the back gate. Absolutely useless as there is no actual flat surface so my brilliant idea is to build a deck that gives a flat level all the way to the sides and to build a little bench into the end to sit on. It's not going to make it miraculously any bigger but just more useful. I hope. And I might have room for plants!


  1. White paving pain here, if you need it.

  2. cough, of course, I mean paint.

    Plenty of pain too, if you find you're short.


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