Monday, 26 January 2009

wattle i do?

I decided not to go to the studio today.
It's going to be sweltering over the next week but it was too nice today to lock myself away.
Also I've been gallivanting off to the country for the last 2 Sundays (Yarra Glen last sunday and Blackwood yesterday) so I thought a little bit of 'homework', washing and vacuuming was in order. I do have to run out this afternoon to do some stuff but I have been trying to get things a bit sorted- this is not easy. I have a small furry helpmate who has caused severe chaos since waking up this morning. Payback I think for leaving him to his own devices yesterday.
You know I wrote that I love that things just happen on my doorstep...... well today we got the RAAF fly over and a small Aboriginal protest (sadly the person leading the chant just couldn't get a good rhythm up), there were many more people than it looks in the picture. See I don't need to leave my Ivory Tower!


  1. Pen that is such a great photo! You do see the most amazing things from your Gertrude Birds Nest. I wonder will there be fireworks tonight too?
    And do tell what the new project is!
    Love Ramona

  2. happy straya day miss. I have been meaning to visit you for like ages, but what with the vacuum and the new digs, with NO OVEN! things have got away from me... maybe this week!

    A & A & C are back though, which is cause for celebration or cups of tea and biscuits. Little buddha is so lovely... OK, what a rave, see you soon!


  3. Happy Australia Day Pen! Have heard about Melbourne broiling at 40 degrees... might be an idea to stick your head in the freezer for a while...

  4. nothing beats a birds eye view of a protest... and i'm very glad you aint fryin' yet, but i'm with Ramona puhleeese put us out of our misery and tell us what the new project is!


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