Monday, 12 January 2009

hot hot hot

The next two days are looking like hell for a fair-skinned-sweat-bucket like me. 
I hate summer.
I hate the heat.
I like autumn, winter and spring. They are all lovely. When the weather is cool I can think, work, function but as soon as the heat ramps up that's it for me, energy sapped.
I've been trying to decide whether to go to the studio or stay home. Both will be hot but it's January and I'm stuck between being in holiday mode and fretting about getting the year off to a good start. We need stock asap so I suppose I should go to the studio and try to do something that needs my brain only in first gear. I've been trying to start new projects but they are not coming easily at the moment. I flit from one thing to the next, trying not to make too much mess. Of course the studio is still in disarray but that's typical.


  1. lets face it... none of us highlanders will be going outside for the next two days, nor will we be capable of so much as raising our pimms to our lips... so kick up your heels in front of the fan and get your georgette heyer out.

  2. Poor Pen! Meanwhile, I am sick of the cold and wet... Swap? (-; Keep an eye out for a postcard from Iceland. I posted it at Geysir.


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