Friday, 23 January 2009

bunking off part 1

I took today off.
Planned, not spur of the moment.
First port of call (apart from an op-shop stop or two) was the Golden Age of Couture Exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery.
I always wish I could see this type of exhibition with no one else in the room. That I could turn the lights up and turn things inside out. 
Excellent though!

And I loved this 'Folly' by Sebastian di Mauro that is outside the gallery amongst the trees.
It's Astro-turf! Really well executed! If I had a garden (haha) I'd definitely have a folly like this.


  1. Miss P!

    you HAVE been having fun.

  2. What an awesome day off you've had, makes me quite jealous! Gowns, a folly, op-shopping and exploring. Sounds and looks like an awful lot of fun.

  3. that is genius, I love astro turf anyway but combining it with a rotunda is really a masterful stroke... and props to you for getting out of the city to see the frockage - am trying to convince michael (max clearly all ready to go just for the fabric) that we need a road trip next weekend.


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