Friday, 2 January 2009


Well I finally de-xmas-fied the shop. What a mess that made. All done now though!
Ready to open up again tomorrow morning- 11am! I was having to turn people away as I cleaned up the shop, hopefully they will all come back in the morning. I feel very naughty not being open but a rest was needed. It's very funny, if you have a look at the front window panes you can see little nose and pointy finger prints- heehee.

Packing away all the Xmas decorations made me realise how much work I need to do to re-stock. Back into the studio for me next week. 

I popped into the city today to look for something I needed for a new design- and came home with a new pair of shoes. I spent the reno money- oops. How did that happen?

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