Tuesday, 13 January 2009


So I dealt with the heat by sleeping in, getting to the studio late and staying in all day. 

Jethro and I snoozed in quite a bit this morning, the boy didn't even stir for an early morning game of fetch (yes- I have a kitten who LOVES playing fetch- too cute) and I took my time getting to the studio. Before Xmas I complained about my hands being blistered and battered, and now my hands are like uncoordinated, bloated, uncooked sausages. They have lost their dexterity- for now- and need to get their skills back. I hate feeling slow and awkward when I'm working. Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey.
I did manage to get a new dress up and running. I only got the size 2s done today but I made myself get the pattern graded and ready to go for tomorrow. Which is going to be.......... about 40ºC............ at least there is a change coming! The studio, though, will now bake for the rest of summer and well into autumn. I've decided I'm just going to move really slowly and stick to the shade.

One boiling hot night many years ago, my then boyfriend and I watched 'Fargo'. Let me tell you that film's snow covered landscapes actually managed to make us think it wasn't quite so hot.
In the same spirit I've been checking out Char and Dave's Adventures in Iceland. Maybe I should get the Top Gear: Polar Special on dvd...............

See you when the change comes in.


  1. Thanks for the plug, Pen! I feel that you're a bit of a fairy craftmother here as your suggestion for a Char mission turned out to be the perfect 3rd date. Ah, cold weather continues abound here. Siggi, our Icelandic Super Jeep guide mentioned meeting Jeremy Clarkson while filming the Super Jeep special actually. I love riding in them, makes you feel special. My Kiwi Penelope Durstan bag also went to Iceland and did quite nicely for my laptop, which then piggybacked along in Dave's camera rucksack. It says hi.

    Jethro is looking particularly cute!

  2. top gear relief on it's way - watch eating icy poles x x

  3. I was the same in class this week.

    Like an old woman, I was.

    SO embarrassing.

    Of course, i wasn't entirely alone...


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