Saturday, 3 January 2009

precious metal (media sluts)

So look who got in The Age's holiday edition of the A2?!?!
There is the lovely Emma (fourth from the left), Jess (next to Emma on the right as you look at the picture) and Coconut Lu (first on the left). Well done girls!
And, yes, the vintage button and fine silver rings and earrings in the Cottage display case are Coconut Lu's work. Perfect chance to score a bit of excellent locally produced jewellery I think!

On the jewellery front it appears I have a cat burglar in the house. Three necklaces gone completely missing. They aren't under the couch, in the cardboard snooze box, under the bed ......hmmmm ..... and here I was thinking I had been cleaning up and making order out of disorder. Let's hope Jethro hasn't chewed the crap out of them. At least the boy has taste- they were all handmade local pieces.

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