Saturday, 9 February 2008


Sadly I will not be able to hide the pea-green fiasco. Too many people visited today for me to live that mistake down. Ben is threatening to keep that one up his sleeve as ammunition. I so rarely make such a massive colour blunder as the 'pea-green room'. Oh well.
In between visitations I managed to get the last of the battens onto the joins in the walls and give them a couple of licks of paint (and I started painting out the green in the bedroom).

Bella 1 and Bella 2 ran around and checked everything out and stood up and looked out the upstairs window and yelped excitedly at the view. And their respective mums and dads did the same but a little more sedately.

And then I washed the brushes and came home. Tired and foot-sore as usual.

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