Friday, 8 February 2008

friday's big question is........ pea green a good colour for a bedroom?
I know it was a good colour for a boat according to the owl and the pussy-cat.


  1. Yes it is.
    My last bedroom was green BOC CHOY was the name of the colour and very restful it was too

  2. oh my lord, if only i'd looked earlier I could have saved you the trouble, contrary to annie b it is NOT a good colour as you found out, it is a good color for a table, a chair and even at a stretch a bath-tub in a super 70's bathroom BUT IT IS NOT SOMETHING THAT WILL GENTLY ROCK YOU TO SLEEP!!!
    oh the horror.
    so glad you have already started painting it out. clearly our Pantone chart on hml will help with the next round of options.
    good luck.
    good luck with the

  3. rest of the colour picking...


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