Wednesday, 13 February 2008

destructo-girl strikes again

So the last thing I did before I left this evening was chiselling off the tiles in the kitchen.
Half came off like a dream, this was the batch glued to the solid plaster and the other half, well lets say 'messy'.
It was quite fun though. Except for the hammered knuckle, the cut finger and the flying chips of razor sharp ceramic. Like I said, fun. Nothing like a bit of mayhem to finish the day.

I had to go to Manfax at lunchtime and strolling up the road I realised how many people I know along rue de Gertrude. There was Karen at Alice, Emma at Metal Couture, Dan at Artisanand I met a neighbour, Penny at Radio, where I stopped for lunch on the way back. It took me a while to get to Manfax and back.

I've started work on the BIG room.
It will be a BIG painting job. The good thing being I won't be painting over red or green.
(By the way the whole pea-green incident is over- ok? Drop it or I'll come around and paint your bedroom pea-green when you are out.)

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