Monday, 18 February 2008

a door

I was hoping to the doors would all be up this weekend, even though young Tom the Carpenter (cute with ute) worked feverishly on Saturday, by 3.30pm it seemed only fair to let him go home )it was his day off). He'll be back to finish tomorrow afternoon. (Am thinking of locking him under the stairs and making him make a wardrobe and the kitchen for me, and then pimping him out to other people who need a carpenter..... just kiddin')
And the electricians are coming at 7.30pm so we'll have lighting too!
I was going to wait and unveil it all at the same time but thought I'd give you a teaser.
It took the whole day for me to paint all the skirting boards and architraves and corners in the BIG ROOM. The ceiling is just under 14ft (I think, it has a false ceiling but is still really high) so every 75cm or so I'd have to climb down and move the ladder and then climb back up. So by 4pm, piked off and went to Richmond, visited Metro Bolts (have I told you I love hardware and stationary?), Swan St Auctions and Ikea, all in my painting gear (which was fun, very 'I'm in the middle of renovating and am too busy to change- or shower').

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