Tuesday, 5 February 2008

day 5

My foot is killing me. I can barely walk. My shoulder is on fire. My back is tight as a drum (if a back can be).

This morning was spent close to tears. Telstra had put a bar on the mobile phone, I hadn't receive the bill so it hadn't been paid. The quote came from the electrician (ouch!) and I had been awake half the night in agony.

Resolved all this with a fit of controlled wreckery. I dismantled the speakers (which the electrician was going to charge me a fortune to do), patched the holes and started painting again. Was feeling very overwhelmed but am a bit more philosophical, tired but unbeaten.

Changed the way I was going to do some of the fit out. Had I been made to change anything yesterday I would have stood my ground and said 'no!' but practical changes came resignedly today. In the long run they are good changes and I do like solving a problem. The kitchen issues though still have me stumped. How to fit a 2 1/2mt square peg in a round hole. I'll work it out somehow!

Just thought I'd interrupt this to ask if you had noticed how beautiful the Crape Myrtles are this year. Stunning. They apparently love the heat and drought. I've seen a lovely purple one in Fairfield that was quite unusual and this one was in Kensington.

Being on my whole 1920-50s kick at the moment (or rather still) I just adore the Crape Myrtles with their smooth but mottled bark twisty branches and their kind of blousy colours.
They are making me happy at the moment.
One day I'll have a garden with Crape-Myrtles and Dogwoods and Freesias everywhere.


  1. Is that what they are? Crape Myrtles.

    Footscray is exploding with them.

    And it's like I'd never noticed them before.

    Mystery solved.

  2. Always in older areas and you don't notice them really until they flower. They have been especially prolific over the last few years with the drought.
    Some good comes with the bad.


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