Thursday, 28 February 2008

too special

Many years ago a friend of mine made me a ring carved with arcanthus leaves and engraved on the inside. I lost it. (At the Vic Market one Saturday morning- if you found it , lucky you.)
When I ran into Bailey at a mutual friend's birthday last year he said if I got him a blank ring he'd carve me another.
And he has and here it is.
It is all hand carved in an Edwardian design he is experimenting with (I like it when I get the experiments, there is something about them I love).
I think it is beautiful.
(And very appropriate with my current fascination with Edwardian and 'tween the Wars art and design.)
Lucky me.


  1. It's bewdiful!
    Bailey, what a guy- lost his ring so he makes you another- fantastic!


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