Tuesday, 15 January 2008

tam o'shanter!

Finished the tam o'shanter on sunday. It's a bit big but really cute. Hey, it's a prototype, ok?!
If you don't know what a tam is then go here .
(And its not the noun for someone doing an 'Om Shanti' prayer, as someone I knew once thought).


  1. can't wait for them to hit the stores! oh and the possum monkeys must be oh so soft!

  2. oooh such pretty grey! have you found some knitters?
    Its just raining today, raining raining... I guess I'll knit some more...

  3. Miss Problematic- do you have the suit to go with it?!
    (love the tam in your photo! ) you made me laugh

  4. no knitters lovely Dell- just me but i've gone up to 12ply and 6mm circular, so much quicker (even though i got 2/3 of the way through one today and have had to undo it.....grrrr, miscounted, bugger
    i want to see the rainbow!

  5. I have a rather lovely book of tam patterns at your disposal, should you desire it.


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