Wednesday, 23 January 2008

alpacas have such lovely eyelashes

Even though I am about as wired as one can possibly be at the moment (in the strange place of just being unable to concentrate and over thinking and just sitting on my bed doing nothing staring into space and .............. you get the idea) I have managed to get a few things started. (There has been a few interruptions which I'll tell you about later in the week.)
When I was away last week I spent up big on alpaca offcuts and spent monday and tuesday chopping and stitching. Have go 2 big throws ready to be backed, not totally sure with what yet, one is hanging on the wall over the leather machines. They are all shades of alpaca with 2 hand-dyed indigo blues as contrast. I like them, they have turned rather nice in the abstract department and I have to say even the backs look great (I forgot to take a photo....). Alpaca can often be quite scratchy but these have a really nice handle.


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