Wednesday, 23 January 2008

a rose is a rose is a rose (by any other name)

I think that's the way the quote goes (I will check later and revise if I need to). Everything with the shop, has so far been strangely easier. No fighting for the lease with 100 other people, no nasty negotiations, etc. Makes me somewhat fearful!
There is however a spanner in the works over the name. Even though I did a search and checked it, the mighty Department of Justice, Consumer Affairs Victoria, Registration Branch has decided in their infinite wisdom that the name I have chosen is too much like another- so I am in the process of begging a review and putting up lots of sane and highly logical reasons as to how unlike the other and suitable my shop name is. Fingers crossed I don't get someone reviewing it who decides I'm teaching them how to suck eggs. I can write a good letter when I set my mind to it.

And yes I know that the rest of the quote is 'would smell as sweet' but sometimes its so hard to make a second choice.


  1. Dear Miss PenPen,

    This latest entry is a little disturbing... is there a secret message hidden in this text that even you closest crafting compadres cannot decipher - or did the picture just not appear on my computer...

    Confused longtime reader, Northcote.

  2. Oh silly silly slow computer, I got all befuddled by the length of time it took to load the page...and by the time i'd finished making a comment went back to homepage only to find a lovely story about things going swimmingly and a delightful pink rose.
    really such an idiot.
    please forgive earlier entry...
    it's been a LOOOOOOONNNNNGGG day.

  3. oh god this is so embarrasing,
    I meant to say not going so swimmingly - good luck with "the Man" on the name, i'm sure the power of penelope will win out in the end. In the meantime i'll be rooting for you!

  4. i'm glad because otherwise i'd be coming across like a complete nutter with no redeeming features whatsoever.


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