Wednesday, 2 January 2008

ah...... cool change

It's amazing how much more alive I felt as soon as the cool change came in....... mmmmm.
I like things green and the light filtered. Not a beach person at all- to glare-y and bright.

So I got through NYE fine and dandy (bad headache and all) and no evil-neighbour-techno-party!
Really for Brunswick St it was kinda quiet.

Am avoiding the studio even though I have been going through severe creative COLD TURKEY.
The house is still a mess, there is still piles of paperwork to be done and I am feeling exceedingly nervous about 2008.
There are things that need to happen this year and I have to say I am both wanting to bury my head in the sand and wishing they would just happen and be over and sorted.

It will be ok, it must be ok, gulp...........

Really I should probably venture out into the Big World. (Going to the greengrocer and newsagent's doesn't count.)
The hot weather has really kept me close to home and I should take advantage of the cooling breezes today and go out.
(But if I go out I'll just spend money- happens every time!)
Hmmm- what to do?
Spot wants me to join her on the bed- cheeky kitty is loving the company at the moment!

Ok- I think a drive is in order.

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