Monday, 28 January 2008

road tripping the light fantastic

The trip to Bendigo also involved Castlemaine (where I got sprung/sprung people I knew at the Salvo op shop- my, we are all predictable!) and then on to 'pre-view' day at the Fryerstown Antique Market. Fryerstown is about 10km out of Castlemaine and is a tiny little hamlet along a curve in the road. The antique market pops up as a dusty tent city for about 4 days around the Mechanics Institute and is kind of like the better Camberwell Market stalls on steroids. Friday is the best day to go as it's kind of lazy and everyone is relaxed, it's crazy busy on the other 3 days.
It was hot, dusty work though. Of course I forgot to go to the bank before I arrived (Fryerstown doesn't stretch to a hole-in-the-wall, in fact I don't even think it has a pub) so there was a limited budget. Seven art deco lightshades and 3 tin boxes later I stumbled back to the car. (There are 9 shades in the photo in case you think I can't count, already had 2 in the car.) Now need to find about another 10..........

4 sleeps to go.......


  1. That's quite the haul. I take it they're for the shop.

    Are you launching?

    Are you Having a Party?


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