Saturday, 12 January 2008

itchy fingers

So the New Year came around and I realised I needed to get my hands working.
First project up was to make 1st birthday monkeys for Spike and Rocket. This year's monkeys are going to be made from possum wool socks, a joy to make and just too cute (even if i say so myself). As someone who makes for a living, a professional crafter it was actually really nice to make the first project of the year something to be given away.

Next up I finally decided I needed to go to the studio and work. None of this lying around the house! Three very productive days and then the hot, boiling, putrid hot weather set in and I didn't leave the fan for 2 days.
Whilst I was being productive I finished 2 milkmaid's jackets and 4 linen skirts, 2 of the skirts have had their handwork done and the other 2 are sitting on the kitchen table.............

I am letting myself off working when the weather is 40ยบ+. I am not made to take these sort of temperatures (I don't think even hot-weather-loving-Andrea could deal with the hot-hot-heat we have been having).
Today's sunny with cool breezes weather has been spent designing a hat for winter. I have been obsessed with tam-o-shanters for 4 years and am definitely going to do one for this winter. I don't want to knit all the buggers so I'm on the lookout for knitters that I can kidnap, lock in the cupboard and force feed with wool for the next three months so I have a nice range of tams to sell.


  1. miss pen you're unstoppable.

  2. i just had cuteness overload just remembering those boys, and it was their birthday too... give em a cuddle from me! possums...

    I have been knitting my fingers to bloody stumps. I have foolishly decided I want to knit a rainbow for the Rotterdam Art Fair, and fear I'll only just get it done. I am slow, and have masking tape on the end of my fingers to help hold them together...

    we get the day off if it's sunny. It has been...



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